User-friendly EZVIZ C2mini security camera

User-friendly EZVIZ C2mini security camera

EZVIZ C2mini is security camera. To get it working you only need Wi-Fi connection, EZVIZ application and power source. Download free EZVIZ application to configure camera, view live video or view motion recorded clips. Advantage of EZVIZ system is that you don’t have to do anything besides configuring camera with app to watch live or recorded footage over mobile 3G or 4G connection. Camera has built-in microphone and infrared lights that enable you to see in complete darkness up to 10 meters.

Price: 99€

  • Easily configurable
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Secure EZVIZ cloud connection
  • Get notification to phone while alarm is on
  • Sees in the dark up to 10m
  • Built-in microphone
  • Video recording to memory card
  • Compact size
  • Magnetized leg
  • Free technical support
  • HD quality recording
  •  1/3” CMOS 1MP sensor
  • Recording to 15 FPS
  • Ultra wide angle 130 °
  • Infrared light up to 10 meters
  • MicroSD card option of up to 128GB
  • Day / Night automatic filter (ICR)
  • Digital WDR (dynamic)
  • Wi-Fi IEEE802.11B, G and N
  • Built-in microphone
  • Operating temperature: –10C ~ 50C
  • Power consumption 3.5W (Max)
  • Size(mm): 91×50×25
  • Weight: 110g
  • Warranty 2 years

English specification


  • EZVIZ C2mini security camera
  • Memory card for recording
  • Wi-Fi connection (Upload speed should be atleast 1Mbps)
  • USB power adapter is included with camera
  • IPhone or IPad (Software from iOS V6.0)
  • Android phones and tablets (Software from Android V4.0)

English manual


Steps to get camera working

1. Download EZVIZ application for Android or IPhone smartphone
2. If you want to record, then insert MicroSD card in EZVIZ security camera
3. Connect USB adapter to power supply
4. Scan QR code what is on camera with EZVIZ application
5. Enter your home Wi-Fi password in EZVIZ application
6. Follow manuals on display to track and record


Calculation is done, when you save 8 hours per day with movement.
32GB = 12 days
64GB = 24 days
128GB = 48 days

EZVIZ smartphone application

Application is free and available for IPhone and Android smartphones. With application you can connect your camera with Wi-Fi and enables you to change different parameters of security camera. With EZVIZ application you can live view camera pictures. If you have memory card in your camera, then you can watch saved recordings. If camera has detected movement then it’s able to get instant notification with picture. Thanks to EZVIZ C2mini built-in microphone, you are able listen surround sounds.



EZVIZ enviroment in computer

If you go then you are able enter to EZVIZ enviroment. If you have forgotten your phone somewhere, then you can use WEB environment, to watch security cameras and alarm picture notifications. You can grant permissions to other users to specific cameras. When camera uses memory card then you can watch saved recordings. Thanks to EZVIZ C2mini built-in microphone, you are able listen surround sounds.

Sees in dark

Thanks to built-in infrared light (IR-LED), camera sees in dark ~10 meters. Camera has automatic day/night switch regime.

Install the camera anywhere

Thanks to it magnetized leg, you are able to fix camera on metal objects. Due to the unique construction you can move the camera in any direction.

Be always there

Worry about your young child staying with the nanny or your mischievous pet being left alone at home?

You can watch them anytime and anywhere via your mobile device, tablet, or laptop.

Easy to use

It’s not hard to use because of simplicity of EZVIZ application.

Use battery bank to power C2mini

C2mini security camera uses USB cable to connect to USB power outlet. C2mini can be powered from battery bank, PC, laptop or others devices that has USB power outlet.  Can be useful in places where power cable can’t reach or for temporary solutsion and testing.

Alarm notification in mobile

In case of intrusion, alarm notification will be sent to the mobile device(s). Observer real-time camera feed in EZVIZ application and act according to situation.


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